Same Sex Divorce

Orange County Same Sex Divorce Attorney California was the second state in the nation to recognize same sex marriages, which are now recognized, conducted, and legally honored in every state. While there are no reliable same sex marriage statistics yet available, many same gender couples will certainly be seeking divorces just like opposite sex couples. Same sex marriage in California means same sex divorce, and those seeking divorce should retain the services of Orange County same sex divorce attorney David Schwarz. Family lawyer David Schwarz understands that divorce is always an emotionally difficult process, whether it ends an opposite sex marriage or a same sex marriage. If you are seeking or anticipating a divorce subsequent to a California same sex marriage, or if you merely need sound advice regarding marriage rights and same sex marriage benefits, call Orange County same sex divorce attorney David Schwarz right away for a consultation.

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California was the first state to adopt “no-fault” divorce, which means a divorce may be granted if the court finds that irreconcilable differences have irreparably damaged the marriage. Divorce attorney David Schwarz fights aggressively on behalf of every divorce client to win favorable divorce settlements and terms. He will uncover any hidden assets, and he will see to it that community property is accurately assessed and equitably divided. If a child or children are involved, their interests must be considered. Orange County same sex divorce attorney David Schwarz also represents clients in all divorce and post-divorce matters regarding custody, visitation, support, and the modification of related court orders. The legalization of same sex marriage may mean a few more divorces overall, but those seeking a same sex divorce will have an experienced advocate on their side – Orange County divorce attorney David Schwarz.

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David Schwarz often helps divorcing couples reach out-of-court settlements and agreements, but he will not hesitate to go to trial on your behalf if that’s what is required for a fair and just resolution. Your divorce attorney must be someone sensitive to your concerns – someone you trust. To learn more about how attorney David Schwarz can help you with a same sex divorce or with any of matter of family law, complete the contact form on this website or call him promptly at (949) 735-9266 or toll-free (888) 768-6901.

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David is an excellent attorney!!!!!!! He gives 100% to his clients. I highly recommend him for your legal needs, in his expertise. He has been most patient, gracious, thorough, and always gets right back to you. Thank you so much for your excellent service!!!!! L.H.
David knocked it out of the park today. He was clear, passionate, articulate, and a good mix of calmness with pissed off. Best I've ever seen him. David - Love ya man. Thanks. C.P.
I have referred several of my friends and relatives who needed representation in family court to David. From prenuptial agreements to divorce to child custody, David is the go-to guy. He is a seasoned attorney who knows what he's doing, and so far, I've only heard good things about him. C.G.