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S v. P

Attorneys at Our FirmWe represented Father (P). After 5 years of contentious litigation and severe alienation perpetrated by Mother against Father and after 8 days of trial, my client, Father, was awarded sole legal custody and sole physical custody of the child in Canada. Mother. who resides in Orange County, was found to be unstable and lacked credibility. She was awarded visitation in the Summer and during the child’s school breaks.

Marriage of Thomas

We represented Mother who sought to restrict step-parent visitation as step-parent had limited contact and no bond with the minor child. Step-parent visitation was eliminated.

Marriage of Truong

We represented Father. Mother filed Ex Parte motion to modify child custody and visitation by seeking sole legal and sole physical custody of the child, thereby attempting to deny Father any custodial rights. At the Ex Parte hearing, Mother’s requests were denied. Father and Mother came to a mutually agreeable custodial arrangement.

Matter of Ross

Our client, the Father, was served with documents from the Department of Child Support Services to pay child support. Father alleged he was not the biological father of the child. After a paternity test found Father to not be the biological father of the child, Father was released of any and all obligation to pay child support to mother.

Guardianship of Polito

We represented the biological father. Biological mother had custody of the minor child but suddenly passed away. Under an emergency order, the court granted Father custody of the child.

Marriage of Emadian

Father was found not guilty domestic violence and the temporary restraining order issued was lifted. Mother falsely claimed that Father assaulted her by strangling her and drawing a gun on her. At trial, the judge found that Mother’s allegations were false and Father was cleared of all the criminal and civil charges against him. Further, Father was awarded 50% physical custody of the child and was free to return to the family residence without restriction.

Guardianship of Weiser

After Mother died, maternal grandmother was awarded custody of her grandson while biological father was awarded visitation. Grandson had a greater bond with maternal grandmother.

S v. P

After severe parental alienation perpetrated by Mother, Father was awarded joint legal custody and joint physical custody of the parties’ son on a three-week on/three-week off basis.

Marriage of Daugherty

Father was awarded one weekend visit per month in Northern California plus additional holidays/special days with the minor children.


Our offices were successful in defeating the County of Orange. The County attempted to place our client on the California Child Abuse Central Index (CACI). After a hearing, our client was absolved of all allegations and was not reported to CACI. Dependency petition dismissed for lack of evidence to prosecute the allegations in the petition. All four children were returned to their mother and her record was cleared.

Newcomer vs. Le

We represented Father. Father was granted 50% custody of the parties’ minor daughter in Arizona. Daughter had been residing with mother in Orange County, California.

Truong vs. Ho

The court granted an annulment to the couple based on fraud.

Marriage of Clark

We represented Wife. In said post-judgment modification of spousal support matter, the court modified Wife’s spousal support by increasing same from $750 per month to $1,400 per month.

Matter of Cortez

Client’s child returned home with him after the Department of Social Services took the child away because of alleged sexual improprieties. Upon a hearing and presentation of evidence, the court awarded our client his child.

Matter of Brito

The court awarded the non-biological parent custody of the child. The court granted the client legal parent status since he had raised the child since birth. The child was removed from the adoptive mother and placed with my client.

Matter of Saxon

The father was awarded child visitation after severe parental alienation perpetrated by mother. The parties underwent therapy and reunification. Father presently has regular visitation with daughter.

Guardianship of Lotto

We represented maternal grandparents. Maternal grandparents were ordered to act as the permanent legal guardians of their 2 year old granddaughter. Biological parents were found not capable of caring for the child due to prior drug use.

Guardianship of Daboub

We represented biological mother. Child was taken from mother by maternal grandmother. Through diligent attorney efforts, child was returned to mother.

Matter of Biancan

We represented biological mother. Children were taken away from mother because one of the children was molested by father. Case went to detention hearing and children were ordered returned to mother. Father remains in jail.

Matter of Morales

We represented biological father. Father had no relationship with the children due parental alienation by mother. The court filed a Petition against father for failure to protect children. Mother was placed in jail due to theft and fraud charges. Mother’s custodial rights were suspended. Father was awarded sole legal and sole physical custody of the children.

Guardianship of Keener

We represented maternal grandparents. Maternal grandparents succeeded in guardianship proceeding and were awarded grandparent visitation rights on alternating weekends.

County of Los Angeles v. Grey

We represented Father. The Department of Child Support Services enforced an Income Withholding for Support, proposing that $1308.75 be deducted from Father’s paycheck per month. However, said amount was more than my 50% of Father’s disposable income. After court, Father’s child support arrears remained and arguing vigorously for our client, Father’s back child support payment remained at $200 per month.

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