Domestic Violence and the Effect of a Possession of Narcotics Offense Under Health and Safety Code 11350

At the Law office of David P Schwarz we have represented many orange county domestic violence clients who have been charged with possession of narcotics while being charged with domestic violence. Please contact our office at 949 735 9266 or via the web. We also can be reached by email at

A domestic violence lawyer will protect you against overly aggressive charges in criminal and family matters who seek to attach drug related charges against you. Often when a domestic violence allegation is thrust upon you if you have any drug issue in the past the state of California or the family law court can try to place you in criminal or civil trouble. The Health and Safety codes are clear that every person who possesses any controlled substance specified as a controlled substance and classified as a Schedule III, IV, or V narcotic drug will place you in criminal or civil jeopardy with the Court.

An Orange County lawyer will try to look for loopholes upon the drug and domestic violence charges against you. The exception to the general rule about drug possession are written prescriptions by physician, dentist, podiatrist, or veterinarian licensed to practice in this state. If somehow the lawyer can find an exception to the charges then the drug allegations will be dismissed.

A Domestic Violence lawyer will argue against any charges where the amount of evidence shown in the Court is so miniscule that it does not amount to realistic charge of possession of a narcotic along with a domestic violence charge. In order to charge a person of possession of a narcotic, there must be proof that there is sufficient amount either to permit a use, and the presence of minute fragments which cannot be is not sufficient to warrant conviction.

At the Law Office of David Schwarz we will defend any charges of domestic violence and possession of narcotics if the potential to go to jail occur. We have years of experience making sure that not client will do any unnecessary loss of freedom from domestic violence and or narcotics possession.

A domestic violence attorney will strive to get their client a mitigated charge of domestic violence or narcotic charge. The probation department will assess the severity of the circumstances and if it is positive the client will be able to avoid any serious consequence to the alleged actions that have been alleged.

Often the defense to the allegations of possession are that the drugs are for another person. And it is legal to hold the drugs for another. Therefore, the charges of domestic violence can be dealt with alone without the addition of any drug charge.

At the Law Office of David P Schwarz we can defend you against any domestic violence case that involve a drug possession. We have handled many case in which both charges are alleged and our clients have succeeded in beating both charges in Orange County Superior Court. Please call our office at 949 735 9266 or via the web. We can also be reached by email at

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