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Are You Facing Robbery Charges?

At the Law Office of David P. Schwarz, we have represented many Orange County Robbery cases for man individuals. We have had profound results defending these people in the Orange County Court System. Please contact our office at 949-296-4119 or contact us on the web.

A robbery occurs when there is a wrongful taking of personal property in the possession of another. That means the element of taking property from another must be shown to the court. An Orange County robbery defense attorney will provide a strong defense to that allegation; essentially, to prove robbery, the prosecutor must prove a theft crime in order to prevail.

In addition, the Orange County prosecutor must demonstrate that the illegal taking of personal property was taken from a person or in the presence of the person. Robbery differs from burglary and other theft crimes in that a person is involved in the crime. A defense lawyer will able to prove that this crime was not done in the presence of the victim. If it can be demonstrated to the court that a person was not the intended target or was not near at the time of the theft, then a person can succeed in defeating the charge.

What Does The Prosecutor Have To Prove?

The prosecutor must prove that the crime was not consented to or was done against the victims will. The Law Office of David P. Schwarz has defended many Orange County Robbery cases and mitigated the charges to lesser offenses and proven the crime was not against the victim’s will.

The robbery must consist of the use of some type of force or fear. This element is vital to any conviction of the robbery offense. Any well-qualified defense lawyer will be able to show that there was no force used by only a theft occurred. Once there is doubt as to the used of force or fear, there is not a robbery crime.

Robbery can be viewed as a combination of both a physical crime against the person and a property crime against personal property. Our attorney at the Law Office of David P. Schwarz effectively and aggressively defend each element of the robbery charge. Since robbery has several elements for the prosecutor to prove in court, it is prone to be more easily beaten and defeated. The defendant will prevail and get a lesser charge against them.

The value of the item or items take is irrelevant however, the item taken by the perpetrator must be of some value in order for a robbery charge to work.

In addition, the element of fear does not have to be proven if there was sufficient force used during the perpetration of the alleged crime.

Contact Us. We Have Many Years Of Experience.

At the Law Office of David P. Schwarz, we have many years of experience in the Orange County criminal court system defending robbery charges. If you desire an aggressive and results-oriented attorney, please call our office at 949-296-4119 or contact us via the web.