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Are You Contending With Allegations Of Mayhem And Torture?

The mayhem law requires that a person suffer that a part of his or her body part is disabled or dismembered. In addition, the crime requires further that the part of the body that was injured by the culprit result in it being useless. Furthermore, the elements of the crime of mayhem include injuries of the body such as cuts to the body and when the tongue is disabled or when the eye is severely damaged.

An experienced criminal defense lawyer will be able to make sure you do not face jail or severe penalties from these charges. At the Law Office of David P. Schwarz, we can protect your legal rights from the charges of Mayhem where injuries resulted from slits the nose, ear, or lip of the victim.

Understanding Torture Statutes

Torture consists of the infliction of great bodily injury on the person of another with the intent to cause cruel or extreme pain. Our attorneys at the Law Office of David P. Schwarz will demonstrate that the mental state of the defendant was never to cause injury to another person.

The charge of torture must be shown to have caused suffering for the purpose of revenge and extortion. We will defend any torture charge vehemently show that there was no proof of ill will by the defendant up the victim. Our criminal torture defense record shows the effectiveness of our law firm.

The Orange County court must prove that the act was done for sadistic purposes. Our attorney will rebut any showing that there was an evil intent by the defendant.

There must also be a showing by the prosecutors that there was a great bodily injury upon the victim. This means that there was a significant and substantial injury.

The crime of torture can be included in the felony murder rule if there was a death during the perpetration of torture. That means that if while committing the act of torture, the person dies, a murder conviction can be added. Therefore it is important to find a well-qualified lawyer who can effectively refute the allegation that the death of any person was the result of torture and mitigate any charge of murder.

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