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Testimonials From Clients

“My daughter had a difficult case involving guardianship and many other very very involved factors. She would call different attorneys and they either did not want to take her case or it was not something they practiced. I called Attorney Schwarz – after a Google search – and he seemed to know exactly what to do and was extremely knowledgeable. He was retained by my daughter.

Today my daughter had her court case and had to wait for her case to be called – her case was called last. She advised me that she had watched case after case – with cases similar to her case – get rejected by the judge – her case was then called and everything she requested was approved by the Judge! She was shocked – first time going to court and awarded everything she asked for!

Attorney Schwarz is so outstanding! He won this case! Many attorneys you call and you deal with the secretary – my daughter loved how she could call Attorney Schwarz – and he would answer the phone!”

– J.D. 2021

“It is definitely a bitter sweet end to the last 28 years of my life. I truly appreciate all your (Wini) guidance and help. I couldn’t have done it without you.”

– R.G. 2018

“Divorce is never easy for anyone, I have heard stories about divorces but never thought that I would be one that would be writing about it. The thought of having to look for an attorney is very intimidating, however, David Schwarz has taken very good care of me and my case. He and his staff has gone above and beyond to make the process much less stressful. Though the case is in process, David has given me a sense of calmness during this difficult time. I have every bit of confidence that he will continue to positively represent me and my best interest. Thank you David and Wini, I am very grateful for all that you have done.”

– M.M. 2018

“David Schwarz gets the job done and the results you want in and out of the court room. He’s compassionate friendly helpful and goes the extra mile for his clients. He recently got me out of a very difficult family law situation that i was in way over my head on. He fought opposing party and their horribly bought counsel tooth and nail on everything and got everything down to an agreement between us on a piece of paper saying keep the peace. I was being sued for 10 grand and beyond stressed to my max at that point. Thank you David for aggressively representing me and my children at the time when I needed you most.”

– B.L. 2018

“It will give me great pleasure to recommend David Schwarz. He is an intelligent, professional, experienced, and dedicated attorney. He really cares about his clients and gives them valuable time. David was always there to answer my calls and or meet. He gave me great legal advise and helped me succeed and win my case.”

– J.D. 2017

“Thank you David and Wini for all your hard work on this. It’s very gratifying to work with professionals. Thank you,”

– C.F. 2017

“Dear David, The miracles of all miracles happened yesterday. XXXX, the mother of our grandson XXX, called us yesterday to wish me a Happy Mother’s Day. We spoke with her and XXX for the 1st time in months. Lance Sr. and I prayed yesterday morning about it. Several hours later she called him. At this time we will no longer be needing your services, however if we are to be alienated again, we will retain you as our lawyer. We shall see what the future holds. I want to Thank You for all your time, generosity, care, and dedication to our family. We appreciate you and your wife so much!!!!! You are the best David. Thank you Thank you Thank you. I will always be eternally grateful to you and your advice. I will continue to spread the good news of your practice in law and your dedication to it. God Bless you and your family. I will keep your number, FB, email, etc. Just in case.”

– L.C.H. 2015

“David is an excellent attorney!!!!!!! He gives 100% to his clients. I highly recommend him for your legal needs, in his expertise. He has been most patient, gracious, thorough, and always gets right back to you. Thank you so much for your excellent service!!!!! ”

– L.H. 2015

“David knocked it out of the park today. He was clear, passionate, articulate, and a good mix of calmness with pissed off. Best I’ve ever seen him. David – Love ya man. Thanks. ”

– C.P. 2014

“I have referred several of my friends and relatives who needed representation in family court to David. From prenuptial agreements to divorce to child custody, David is the go-to guy. He is a seasoned attorney who knows what he’s doing, and so far, I’ve only heard good things about him. ”

– C.G. 2014

“David Schwarz, Esq., can be relied upon. He has a calm cool demeanor and focuses on the best possible result given the client’s situation and story. I am an attorney. I referred Mr. Schwarz a family law case and client because I do not practice family law. That client was very satisfied with Mr. Schwarz’s work in his case and made a point to express how happy he was with the results Mr. Schwarz obtained for him. If you want a sales pitch go find some flashy attorney. If you want a straight shooter that is humble yet skilled and motivated with a calm cool demeanor, call David Schwarz.”

– E.B. 2014

“I retained the Law Offices of David P. Schwarz after much conflict with my Ex, who refused to cooperate and co-parent with me. Mr. Schwarz stepped in and eased the situation. For one, he successfully defended a bogus and unfounded Ex Parte application filed by the Mother. The court denied her ex parte application in its entirety. We are still in the midst of an ongoing custody battle but I have no doubt Mr. Schwarz’s law firm will aggressively and vigorously defend my rights to ensure I have the maximum amount of time with my children. If you have any child custody disputes, child support issues or any divorce related issues I would contact Mr. Schwarz. ”

– M.S. 2014

“David, THANK YOU VERY MUCH … must say that I am very impressed with the way you handled the proceedings yesterday! Thank you both very very much!!!! ”

– C.D. 2012

“Highly Recommend Law Offices of David P. Schwarz. He handled a legal matter for me very efficiently and I obtained a generous settlement. David is passionate, aggressive and is results-driven He and his staff will handle your case thoroughly and will listen to any of your concerns. He aggressively advocated for my case and got the job done. P.S. He also has a great presence in front of the court room. Don’t hesitate to call him for your divorce or criminal issue. ”

– L.S. 2011


Gentlemen, A significant event occurred today in the Orange County California Superior Court, Lamoreaux Justice Center in Department 64, Judge Ronald P. Kreber. I was successful in getting all records, physical and electronic of the falsified Temporary Restraining Order issued against me on September 9, 2009 sealed by the order of the court. I have been tirelessly working at and documenting the FACTS which led up to the falsified Domestic Violence Temporary Restraining Order being issued against me on September 9, 2009. My current family law attorney, Mr. David Schwarz has been relentless but extremely diplomatic and patient, with my now ex-wife’s attorney in getting my wife’s attorney to actually draft the stipulation and order, that was signed by everybody and signed by the judge.

My attorney, Mr. David P. Schwarz listened to my concerns, stayed with this issue, and I wrote what seemed to be a million pages of Declarations, but the final result is that Mr. Schwarz was able to do what I do not believe has occurred in the State of California thus far. Even though Mr. Schwarz did not really have the case law, the codified sections or the points and authorities to pull this off, he did it anyway through determination, and having to put up with me as a client who was screaming and yelling all the time. For the issue of Father’s Rights, the issue of combating the gross misuse and abuse of the Temporary Restraining Order Process, this is a significant case. Since Father’s & Families has been combating the abuse of the Restraining Order process for a long time, this case may provide fuel for other cases and legislative change. I hope this information helps the cause of Father’s Families, and I think we need to consider the determination of my legal counsel, Attorney David Schwarz, in correcting a wrong, and hopefully all can benefit from this decision. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me, and I am sure that you will see this case on Mr. Schwarz’s Blog, but it is a HUGE step helping those falsely accused of domestic violence. Of course the next issue that I will have to deal with is the year’s long battle to re-connect with my children after this huge crisis and the mountain of parental alienation that I have had to deal with and will continue to deal with.

From a now happily divorced and vindicated man, but still saddened from the abuse of my children that this has caused. I hope this helps the cause of Father’s & Families, and I hope that other men falsely accused of domestic violence resulting in the issuance of temporary restraining orders, can realize that if the circumstances are present, and with a little ingenuity can get these things off their records. Now we have to put in place the laws and the point & authorities to make these routine.

The bottom line here is that my now ex-wife and her attorney had finally come to the realization that the facts leading up & surrounding the issuance of the temporary restraining order issued against me, were false, they knew they were false, and they knew that I and my attorney Mr. Schwarz were just not going to give up at bringing the truth of this situation to the attention of the court.

If my ex-wife and her attorney would have continued with this shrill; at some point and time she would have risked the possibility of perjured testimony and possible arrest, so it was better to agree to the stipulation. For all of those falsely accused Dads out there, let’s use this example for everybody’s benefit.

– Anonymous