Child Support and the Amount of Time You Have to Pay it

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A child support attorney will inform you that the age that most child support will stop is 18 years of age. However, there aree exceptions to the 18 years of age time. The parents can agree to pay past the age of 18. In addition, the parents can be ordered to pay for a child who is unable to provide for themselves once they become 18 years of age.

A child support lawyer will further advise you that the 18 year old age is not written in stone and the parents can be obligated to pay past the childs 18th birthday if the child is unable to provide for themselves financially. There are exceptions to the general rule that orders parents to at least provide for the minor child until they complete high school even if they have turned 18 prior to their graduation. In addition, as in some cases the child is 18 and does not complete high school by their 18th birthday. Thus the Orange county child support court will further order in those circumstances that a child who has not graduated 12th grade will be supported until they are 19 years of age.

Even after the child has turned 19 years of age the parents can enter into an agreement whereby they continue to pay child support after the child reaches majority.

At the Law Office of David P Schwarz we will explain to the Court that any child who is enrolled in High School will be a legitimate recipient of child support. A parent can not question the legitimacy of the child in high school. A parent cannot argue to the court that the child is not graduating quick enough so as to terminate a parents child support obligation. The Courts will order child support if the has done a good faith effort in attempting to graduate high school.

A child support lawyer will assure their client that there are adequate safeguards the court will rely on in order to make sure a child enrolled in high school is not taking advantage of the child support statutes which make a mandatory cutoff age of 19.

Interestlingly, the child support court will not question where the child resides while in high school. The Court will only look at the fact that the child is enrolled in high school and has not graduated. The custodial parent will be deemed the custodial parent as long has they support the minor child while in high school.

At the Orange County Law Office of David P Schwarz we will protect your economic interest in not to overpay child support when the child has reached the mandated obligation to pay.

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