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How domestic violence is gender neutral and we should not get caught up in what sex we are

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2022 | Firm News

After the Johnny Depp trial America has now seen what the face of Domestic violence looks like. After OJ Simpson case Domestic violence restraining Orders began an uptik in the state of California. Basically any woman could walk into a court and get a DVTRO and thus the male counterpart was restrained from having any contact with the female and must stay 100 yards away from the female or face incarceration and a multitude of legal problems thereafter. Thus after the OJ trial the Domestic violence restraining order became a sword in the fight against men and the equality of the justice system disappeared in favor of all females.

Rightfully OJ scared the California residents into submitting to any allegation females would make against another male. If the Court did not issue a restraining order then possibly another Nicole Brown Simpson would be dead. This rubber stamp of domestic violence restraining orders has been going on since the 1990’s. In addition, woman would eventually use the DV as a way to gain control of assets and custody of the minor children. That’s how powerful the DV order is in the State of California. If a divorce filed along with the domestic violence restraining order then along with the tro woman can gain spousal support rights, custody rights and property rights. In addition they can throw the other spouse out of the house even if they are on title.

Thus now we turn to the current case of Johnny Depp. Against all odds that were presented against him He prevailed. I had done numerous videos on TikTok where I examined all the evidence against Mr. Depp and felt that Ms Heard would prevail based on the allegation of property damage she alleged. In California Property damage is considered domestic violence. As the trial progressed and witness after witness testified I changed my view on the case and determined that the witnesses Mrs Heard presented verse the ones Johny Depp had testify were the key to his success in the defamation case.

Independent third party witnesses are a key to success in any trial and thus that is how Mr Depp prevailed. And Amber was a horrible witness for herself.