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Domestic violence and the quarantine of covid

by | Aug 14, 2020 | Divorce, Domestic Violence, Firm News

In California and especially in Orange County California the pandemic hit hard with a sudden blow to the financial and economic freedoms we used to have prior to the Covid scare.  The County was shut down and people were sent to their homes packing and hiding out from this disease which took jobs and safety of the outside world away.  Kids were on lock-down along with adults and married couples were forced to face their significant others on a day to day pace.  When the pandemic first hit parts of the United States issued a stay-at-home order to curve the spread of the virus,  emergency shelter for victims of domestic violence said their phones went silent.  Often people were trapped and or are trapped with a perpetrator of domestic violence.   The signs where not there before but now they appear.

people are out there experiencing violence in their homes, experiencing violence in their daily lives and they either don’t know where to go and how to take care of the situation.  Its covid or being beat.  Thats why domestic violence is a very scary and silent villain during the time of covid.  Shelters are out there and they can be a safe haven for people and kids.   Its just a phone call away.

Since they stay at home order was lifted the number of calls has spiked and the Women’s Crisis Support Team has seen some serious situations.

“We’ve actually seen a tremendous spike, and not only have we gotten busier but some of the situations we have seen have been much more intense and intensive, way more than before, some of the worst stuff we’ve seen in years,” “We know that things like COVID, job loss, drug, and alcohol abuse aren’t root causes of domestic and sexual violence, but they definitely exacerbate situations.”

In July some domestic violence centers received 100 domestic violence calls, 19 sexual assault calls, and 7 stalking calls whereas in 2019 it received 67 domestic violence calls, 22 sexual assault calls, and 4 stalking calls.

Some organizations offer emergency assistance, a 24-hour seven day a week crisis line, support groups and one on one meetings.

In California most of the domestic violence shelters are confidential so people who are suffering or in need of reaching out for safety purposes should call and get themselves to a safe place.  There is no way to be found.

There are groups that go out to the communities and businesses to teach and train its employees about domestic violence and all the signs of abusers and how to protect yourself from violent crime.  People should not feel that the covid situation permits abusers to commit crimes and make the victims and their significant others run for shelter.  Hiring a lawyer to assist you in protecting yourself and your family from a violent person who feels it is their right to abuse the family should not be tolerated and their are people and lawyers out there who can provide a safe and educational environment for you and your family.