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by | Mar 2, 2019 | Child Support, Custody & Visitation, Family Law, Firm News


The Singer Beck and his wife of 14 years have decided to call it quits and get divorced after a 14 year marriage.  The pop star decided it was over after Valentines day this year and gave her the news. Beck is a practicing Scientologist so it adds a twist as to how the two children will be raised post split up.  In child custody cases religion can be a major source of conflict on raising the children. This might create a high conflict child custody dispute. The two children are eleven years old and 14 years old.  Becks wife is Marissi Ribissi who is the brother of Giovanni Ribissi.

In addition, Beck is actively involved in movie projects which could effect the division of divorce property for the two exes. Movie project residuals will cause a dispute among Hollywood A listers when they get divorced. Earlier this week, Beck released a song called “Super Cool” for the soundtrack of “The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part.”

Beck has won seven Grammy’s in his career, including Album of the Year in 2015 for “Morning Phase.” He won two at this year’s awards: Best Alternative Music Album and Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical.

All of these work related success will have an important impact on the divorce with Marissi because she will be entitled to a share of all future profits that Beck did while they were married.

The issue of the Scientology will be an interesting topic as well for the children who are older now and might not be as difficult to divide time with as if they were much younger.  However, the issue of religion will become a sore topic if the couple lets it divide them.

People often come to me and ask about the choice of religion for the children upon a divorce or separation.  It is a fairly simple answer I give people.  Once the custody schedule and or visitation schedule has been developed the parties must use their time with the child as they wish.  This includes religious practice. Therefore when one party has custody of the parent on their day be it a Saturday or sunday they can practice whatever religion they so choose.  Therefore the custody schedule should be formed around the parents religious practice. If one party goes to church or temple on a Saturday or Sunday then they should request that day as a day the child or children are with them.

The court cannot interfere with religious practices of a parent and how they teach their child of a certain religion. In Beck situation with his current ex wife it looks like both a Scientologists and therefore the religion of the children might not be an issue.  However, one cannot speculate that after a divorce one parent might go back to their original religion and decide not to practice their religion they had during the marriage.

Becks biggest issue might come down to the property rights of his music or movies he does and the future earnings that may result.