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Married At First Sight star from the Chicago season gets divorced

by | Nov 28, 2017 | Divorce, Firm News

Married at First Sight” star Nate Duhon last week filed to divorce Sheila Downs, whom he met and married last year at the Palmer House Hilton as cameras rolled for the Lifetime network series. What is not stated about divorces is that getting married can be very easy and without any complications.  However,  getting divorced can be very complicated and very difficult.  The fun out of the married and whats next a divorce.  This is what is sounds like occurred to the couple on the  Chicago season of Married at First Sight.  Im not sure how well the contestants knew each other  before  they got married.  But from the looks of it they probably did not know each other very well

Duhon, 26, cited irreconcilable differences in his Nov. 14 filing in Cook County court. Downs lives in Arlington Heights, while Duhon has moved back to his home state of Michigan, court records show. Downs and Duhon, who both did not respond to a Tribune request for comment, are the second “Married at First Sight” couple from Season 5 to split.

 Apparently Duhon was not the first contestant to seek a divorce on this show as Genoa native Cody Knapek filed for divorce from Chicago dietitian Danielle DeGroot on Sept. 26. That case is expected to be heard in court Wednesday.

“Married at First Sight” specialists paired six strangers and sent them down the aisle at the Palmer House Hilton in August 2016. The couples were documented getting to know each other as they celebrated their honeymoon and merged their lives. After eight weeks, the couples had to decide if they would stay married or get divorced. That seems like an extreme amount of pressure to put the parties under whether to decide to stay married or get divorced.  This while all occurring on live television.

 In a series first, all three Chicago-area couples announced they planned to stay together. Suburban bar manager Ashley Petta and Chicago business publication co-founder Anthony D’Amico appear to still be together. Only three of the 15 couples from five seasons of “Married at First Sight” are still together.

Lifetime representatives announced earlier this month the network plans to air a “Married at First Sight” holiday special featuring the Chicago-area couples. The episode, which is scheduled to air at 8 p.m. Dec. 26, was filmed in Chicago before the couples announced they split.

Season 6 of “Married at First Sight,” which will follow Boston-area newlyweds, is scheduled to premiere in January.

Obviously because of the short nature of the marriages there is not a lot of assets or debts to divide among the spouses.  Short term marriages in California usually can be settled quite quickly without too much aggravation.   Even in a high asset divorce the length of the marriage is a big factor in how quickly the divorce can be dealt with.

Ill bet these contestants are not too concerned about their net worth’s as they are willing to go blind into a relationship after a short meeting.  It seems more about the risk and excitement of getting hitched that anything else.