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Actuaries have lowest divorce rates

by | Oct 26, 2017 | Divorce, Firm News

""If you don’t want to get divorced, then you should consider a career as an actuary. The Institute for Family Studies (IFS) recently took a look at the careers with the highest and lowest divorce rates. Actuaries had the lowest divorce rate (17%) among the professions the group looked at, followed by physical scientists, life scientists, clergy, and software developers. Obviously it is difficult to determine who and why a person or couple gets divorced. Thus a statistical research on the professions that get divorced is a very possibly suspect research.  On saying that it does make sense at some level that a job that is low pressure and does not demand the emotional and possibly commitment that other jobs does makes for a better home life.  To make sure a relationship works it takes time and energy and commitment to the relationship.

The study found that people who make less money are in general more likely to get married—but also more likely to get divorced. Wealthier people, in general, report being in happier marriages than lower-income individuals (perhaps because they aren’t as stressed about money). Fifty-three percent of people in lower income marriages rate themselves as happy versus 70% of people in upper-class marriages. This is an interesting statistic.  Ironically marriages are based mainly on splitting financial issues.  Most divorces deal strictly with dividing assets.  Also when money is not the topic of discussion in marriages it makes sense that the divorce rates are lower.

Of course marriage is not soley composed of financial issues but more about who the people are when they enter the marriage.  The most important aspect of the relationship is how people treat each other regardless of money or anything else.

“Focusing on what is occurring within each profession, we found that none of the professions with the highest divorce rates require more than a high school diploma, and in 7 of those 10 occupations, the projected number of new jobs is expected to decline,” Naomi Cahn said on the IFS’s website. “By contrast, each of the 10 occupations with the lowest divorce rates required at least a bachelor’s degree, and all of them had at least a small projected growth rate.”

So what occupations should you avoid if you don’t want to get divorced?

If you take a job that keeps you from home with the other spouse then I think that there is a higher chance of not succeeding of your marriage.  That is why jobs that do not let you go home at night or keep you in a high stress situation that keeps you stressed at home can cause problems at home.

Gaming managers currently have the highest divorce rate in the country, at 52.9%. Coming in second is bartenders, followed by flight attendants, gaming service workers, and rolling machine setters, operators, and tenders. (Yes, the professions get rather specific.)

You can check out the full list, as well as the projected salary information, education requirements, and future job prospect opportunities for each profession on the IFS’s website.