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Jesse Williams will pay huge amount in spousal supprt

by | Sep 26, 2017 | Attorney fees, Firm News, Spousal Support

Jesse Williams is opening his wallet wide for his estranged wife, to the tune of $160,000. That means that Williams was earning a significant amount more that Aryn his wife.  Spousal support in California is determined by numerous factors according to the family law code.  It takes into account the length of marriage and the incomes of the parties and there capacity to earn a living.

Jesse’s estranged wife, Aryn Drake-Lee, just filed legal docs which disclose a temporary settlement, in which Jesse agrees to give her $100k for spousal and child support and $60k to cover her lawyer’s fees and other costs.  Attorney fees are dealt with on an as need basis.

He has to pay her in 3 installments from his first 3 “Grey’s Anatomy” paychecks.

This doesn’t mean things are copacetic with their divorce, which has been super nasty, but it’s one battle ground where they’ve stopped fighting.

From the $160,000 total, $100,000 will serve as an advance towards temporary spousal support for Drake-Lee and child support for their two children, Sadie and Maceo. The remaining $60,000 will serve as an advance towards Drake-Lee’s attorney’s fees.

A further monthly payment by Williams has yet to be determined.

News broke in August that Drake-Lee was seeking sole legal and physical custody of Sadie, 3, and Maceo, who is nearly 2.

ET has learned that Williams now has no relationship with Drake-Lee. “They do not communicate,” a source shared. “Jesse wants to be with the kids as much as possible. He wants to be there for the good nights and the good mornings and everything in between. He really is all about his kids. It added a new dimension to his life that people close to him don’t think he thought would happen.”

“Jesse is willing to make time for their kids and have that timemove around his schedule,” the source added.

In court documents obtained by ET last month, Drake-Lee claimed that Williams had missed numerous events in the children’s lives due to his work and “shared his time with the children with intimate partner(s).” According to the documents, Drake-Lee also alleged that Williams has a hard time controlling his temper.

A rep for Williams told the media at the time that the 36-year-old actor had been working hard to maintain his relationship with his kids. This seems to be a priority for the actor who will have to make time during his busy work schedule.

“These are matters for the court to decide,” Williams’ rep said in a statement. “Jesse has been working tirelessly to maintain his bond with their children and it is important to note that the dramatizations made in Aryn’s declaration are a one-sided account made with a specific goal in mind.”

It is unclear is the spousal support is a one time payment or there is more to come from him.  Usually with that amount it sounds like that might be the end of the spousal support for now.  And since he has paid her attorney fees the only thing left would be child support.