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Hillary duff and coparenting

by | Sep 5, 2017 | Custody & Visitation, Firm News

celebrated Labor Day with her son at the beach, and buried any ill will for her ex-husband in the sand … all in the name of co-parenting. This type of parenting happens to be the most effective and emotional beneficial way to parent your children. That way the children get to see the parents interacting healthily together without the animosity that separate parenting can often bring to the custody arrangement.  If the exes can get along then it is an ideal situation.

Hilary and her ex, Mike Comrie, spent Monday in Malibu with their 5-year-old son, Luca. Hil was rockin’ her usual 2-piece in the water while Mike chilled onshore.

Getting together for some R&R with their kid is right up the former couple’s alley, post-divorce. They went on a family vacay last year to Maui … so Labor Day teamwork seems to be a walk in the park for them. There is no set boundary on how to create parenting plan that will work for both parties.  Often the parties working  it out is the best situation as it avoids unnecessary court intervention. When the court gets involved to deal the a conflict in the custody and visitation part of the divorce they set a mediation date first.   This mediation date assists the parties to attempt to resolve the issues informally without the court intervening and having a disinterested third party such as the judge to get involved.

Hillary got married very young and separated from Mike Comrie when Luca  was 2 years old.  So she has been a single mother for some time and has for a young mother done very well.  As for Comrie he has also came through as a single dad and been a major impact on raising Luca their child together.  Although sometimes the parties  cannot get along romantically they somehow can get together and be civil to raise their child they had together.  The impact of the  is selfless act by Hilary and Mike will not go unnoticed by Luca their minor child.  Developmentally to have both parents  at his side parenting him without conflict willdo a world of good  to a child from a split parents.

The other side of this situation could be very traumatic and surely devastating to a minor child who does not get both parents involved in his or her life from the early years of development.  Psychologically children need  both parents present  in their lives and the law states that frequent and continuing contact with both parents is the beneficial norm  to lead a child to a healthy development in life.  One can assume that Hillary and possibly Mike had a somewhat normal childhood because of their ability to put away their differences and put on a happy face for  their child.  The end result will be a  child that will grow up in the world with a properly developed ego and a positive  outlook on both parents.  You dont want a child that takes sides with Mom or Dad.