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Blac Chyna is rebutting suggestions she’s under investigation by child welfare officials. The department of child protective services is the county and state agency that investigates juvenile dependency matters in the County of Los Angeles. Using drugs does not automatically place a person under suspicion by the Department, however, what is the issue the Department will take note on is the placement of the children in harms way.  Usually they will investigate if there is a substantial risk of danger to the children of the parents in question.

A lawyer for the beauty entrepreneur denied the existence of an open investigation Tuesday and said she had no knowledge of any filings by the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services related to Chyna’s baby with Rob Kardashian.  An investigation by “CPS” or child protective services does not mean their is a filing by the Department of Social Services.  Often the Social Services or Social Workers do an investigation first to see if their is any validity to the claims held against Chyna before the Department suggest a filing in the Juvenile Dependency Court.  Since the filing of a Juvenile dependency action is pseudo criminal in nature it is the County Counsel that will file any charges against Blac Chyna.

“Chyna is a loving, devoted mother who simply wants to peacefully co-parent her healthy, happy baby Dream with Rob,” Chyna’s lawyer Lisa Bloom said in a statement.

“We are unaware of any current investigation suggesting otherwise. We have not received notice of any DCFS filing nor have we been able to find any in the court files,” Bloom said.  Bloom really will be out of her league in defending Blac Chyna in juvenile Court as it is a completely different area of law that family or criminal law.   The code sections and the statutes are found under the Welfare and Institutions Code.

Kardashian’s lawyer Robert Shapiro also said he was unaware of any pending DCFS actions related to Dream.

“I don’t have any information about this,” Shapiro said in an email.

It was Monday that reported DCFS was concerned about Dream and got involved to make sure she was protected.

The celebrity news website said DCFS opened its investigation before Chyna and Kardashian split up and focused on allegations Chyna used illegal drugs.

The agency reportedly went to Los Angeles County Dependency Court to get a judge involved, TMZ said.

Dream, now 10 months old, remains the subject of custody negotiations between her parents.

Chyna, 29, and Kardashian, 30, dated for about a year before breaking up last December.

Chyna won a temporary domestic violence restraining order against Kardashian in July after he targeted her in an explosive social media meltdown.

In her court filings obtained by The News, Chyna claimed the reclusive reality TV star has a volatile personality that led him to punch her, tear the hinges off a door, show her a gun and threaten to kill himself with pills.

A hearing to make the protective order permanent is set for Monday.

“The hearing on our restraining order remains on calendar for Sept. 18. We look forward to proving our case at that time,” Bloom said Tuesday.