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Audrina Patridge is getting divorced

by | Sep 21, 2017 | Divorce, Domestic Violence, Firm News

Audrina Patridge is divorcing her husband of less than a year, on the heels of running to court to get protection from him the newpaper has learned.  She is also seeking a domestic violence protection order from the Court. Often these Domestic violence actions can be used as a sword by a party trying to get the uppper hand in the divorce action and try to get primary custody of the child.  However, the facts of this case are only viewed at this point through Audrina’s eys and not Corey’s.

The former ‘Hills’ star filed to divorce Corey Bohan on Wednesday, and according to docs the split appears to be triggered by a series of incidents she considers menacing and emotionally abusive.

In the docs, obtained the media, Audrina says the violence began in mid August when they argued about her accusing him of cheating. She says she was holding their daughter, Kirra Max, when Corey pushed her back. Audrina says he then emptied out her backpack and purse, and began punching himself in the head … and threatening to bash himself in the head with a metal canister if she left.

She says Corey had threatened suicide before — in July while she was out of town on a business trip.

According to docs, on Sept. 6, Corey was at home watching KIirra, and when Audrina got home, he began calling her names and harassing her. Audrina says she grabbed Kirra and went upstairs, but he followed and told her she’s “f**ked up” because of her childhood and her messed up mother. She says she started recording video of him, and he said, “Grow some balls and pull the trigger and file for divorce.”

At this point, she says she was terrified and called police to file a report. On Sept. 15, she says child protective services came to the house to meet with her.

Her breaking point came this past weekend. Audrina says she was on a panel at a beauty event, and Corey showed up and followed her on the stage. She doesn’t say it got physical, but he demanded to know where Kirra was and said he was going to get her. Audrina says, “I was shaking at this point.”

Audrina filed for a temporary restraining order against him on Monday, Sept. 18 … which was granted.

Corey — an Australian BMX rider — and Audrina just got married in Hawaii in November 2016. They seemed like a happy family in early August while on a staycation with 15-month-old Kirra.

Audrina’s rep says, “Audrina’s number one priority is her daughter.”

The issues that seem to be important in a divorce like this would be spousal support and child custody.  It is unclear at this point how much Corey is worth or makes as a BMX bicycle rider.  Audrina also is not on television at this time and maybe does not have the income she once had.  Therefore the divorce might be not to complicated on the financial side of things.  However, custody does seem to be rather high conflict.