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Training Day writer getting divorced

by | Aug 10, 2017 | Child Support, Custody & Visitation, Divorce, Firm News

David Ayer — the guy who wrote “Training Day,” “S.W.A.T.” and a bunch of other action thrillers and also directed “Suicide Squad” — wants out of his 14-year marriage. He is getting a divorce. A long term marriage and a high income earner are not good signs for a spouse after a long term marriage.  California often rewards low income earners in long term divorces.  David Ayer apparently earned millions with all of his films he wrote. These films were apparently box office successes.

Ayer collaborated on the screenplay for The Fast and the Furious in 2001. Ayer wrote the screenplay for crime drama Dark Blue, and it was his research into the Los Angeles Police Department that led to his most prominent screenplay, Training Day.  Training go Denzel Washington an Acadamy Award and also gave great notoriety to David Ayer.  Obviously with notoriety and fame comes money and this of course will be used agasint Ayer in his divorce with his soon to be ex wife of 14 years. Ayer signed a contract to write a screenplay for S.W.A.T., which was based on his original story pitch. The film was directed by Clark Johnson and released in 2003.

David filed for divorce Wednesday in L.A., citing irreconcilable differences. He married Mireya on September 26, 2002 and lists the date of separation as July 29.

There’s a sign this one is amicable. David’s lawyer, disso queen Laura Wasser, checked the box agreeing that her client would pay Mireya spousal support.

They have 4 minor children — 14, 12, 11 and 8. David is asking for joint custody. Hollywood divorces are always a tricky situation when it comes to a custody dispute among famous hollywood actors.  Because of their busy schedule it is always difficult to arrange a custody schedule that offers frequent and continuous contact with both parents.  In Ayers case, his wife is not a Hollywood star so she probably will get most of the custodial time.  Along with a Child support and Spousal support award she probably will not have to work and take care of the four children.  In cases such as Ayers, an agreement will be reached that will provide his ex wife with a substantial monthly monetary award which will keep her happy and able to care for the four children.

As far as property disputes there might issues of royalties with the movies that Ayers produced and wrote.  Future income might become an issue and does the ex get royalties as well.  These issues are yet to be determined however, they will come up during the divorce negotiations of settlement. Im sure his attorney will attempt to come up with a pay off in case of any future earnings pop up.

There was no prenuptial agreement which also will expose Mr. Ayer to lifetime spousal and property division issues.  A prenuptial agreement often ensures the high income earner financial security in case there is a divorce.  Most of the earnings of the high income earner spouse will remain their separate property despite what would have been community property without the prenuptial agreement.