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Michael Chow is getting divorced

by | Aug 9, 2017 | Divorce, Firm News

Michael Chow, the founder of Mr Chow restaurants, is looking at a table for one after 25 years of marriage … according to docs filed by his wife.

Michael Chow, son of Chinese Peking Opera Grand Master, Zhou Xinfang, opened the first Mr. Chow in Knightsbridge, London on February 14, 1968. A Beverly Hills, California location soon followed in 1974 and Midtown New York at 57th Street in 1978. In 2006 the fourth location in Tribeca, New York opened. In 2009 a location opened in South Beach Miami at the W Hotel, and another in Malibu, California in 2012 at the Malibu Country Mart. If anyone has ever eaten at Mr. Chow’s restaurant then you are missing out.  it is expensive, very expensive, however, it is truly an eating experience that will not be forgotten by anyone who enjoys progressive chinese food take. 

In 1999, Eurochow, a restaurant located in a $4-million restoration of a landmark domed building in Westwood Village neighborhood of Los Angeles opened but closed by 2007.

Michael Chow has said the Mr. Chow restaurants have always been underlined by a desire and need to promote the Chinese culture. “China always has been a great, great nation”, Chow stated, “Chinese people — I like them. What can I say?”

Mr. Chow as “an establishment that cannot be defined by customary standards but must be appreciated for its sheer fabulousness.” The food at his restaurants has been panned, The goal of his restaurant design is to be fancy and expensive, being quoted as saying “Expensive is important. Very important.”

Eva Chun Chow filed for divorce from Michael Thursday, citing irreconcilable differences. She lists their date of marriage as January 15, 1992 and says the couple has no minor children. She does not list a separation date. This is a long term marriage therefore long term spousal support is in place.  Mr Chow is a very successful restaurant.

According to the documents filed in the superior Court Eva may wish to request spousal support in the future, and wants the judge to let her keep jewelry she believes is hers. The first step in a long term marriage is to determine support payments and next to attempt to divide assets.  It is unknown at this time what assets have been acquired by the couple for the 15 year marriage.  Eva has apparently desired to request from the court that she keep her jewelry.  This must mean that the jewelry has significant value.  Ordinarily the division of assets must be equally divided.  If Eva is to take the expensive jewelry she acquired during the marriage, then Mr Chose should received equal compensation for some other property that was acquired during the marriage.

The bigger issue will be the business that has been established as one of the great chinese eateries in the United States.  How much did Eva contribute tot he success of the the name of Mr. Chow’s? That is yet to be determined.

Mr Chow is an upscale Chinese eatery and has locations in L.A., NYC, Miami, Las Vegas, London and Mexico City.