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Joanna krupa has settled both of her cases, the divorce and Granville suit

by | Aug 17, 2017 | Divorce, Firm News, Spousal Support

having herself a big month — first she settled an ongoing lawsuit … and now she’s back on the market.

Joanna’s marriage to Romain Zago is officially over … and it’s hard to imagine a divorce going more smoothly. Neither side sought spousal support, and we’re told they split things up evenly — she keeps the L.A. pad and he gets the house in Miami. Romain also gets visitation rights … for their dogs. It is rare these days it seems that a divorce will go so smoothly.  However, if there are no children to set up visitation with and there is little to no property involved in the marriage then things are simple.  Even a lawsuit that was filed by Joanna that could bring financial reward to Joanna did not seem to stop the settlement of the divorce.

Spousal support would be be a big issue in a divorce where one party earns substantially more than the other spouse.  Romain Zago net worth is an $16 million.  He owns nightclubs including Mynt Lounge club in Miami Florida.  Joanna on the other hand has a net worth of 8 million dollars.  Therefore Romain would under normal circumstances have to pay Joanna spousal support.  It can be waived under California law.  Sometimes to avoid litigation with lawyers the parties agree on a number rather than prolong the fight in Court and settle out of Court and go their separate ways.  This seems to be the case of Joanna and Romain.

If anyone remembers Joanna is involved in a lawsuit with Brandi Glanville of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fame and the famous ex husband of Eddie Cibrian.  She and Joanna had been in a very odd lawsuit that has brought them both to the public attention.  The subject of the lawsuit has been very unusual to say the least.

In Divorce cases a cash settlement of a lawsuit could potentially be community property.  There is a California presumption that all property acquired during the marriage is community property.  In California that means that the settlement proceeds must be split down the middle potentially.  However, it would need to be determined what the money settlement was for.  Was it for lost work? or loss of future employment?  But a defamation lawsuit such as the one between Joanna and Brandi Glanville would more income earned during marriage and thus probably community property.

Joanna tells TMZ … the 2 are grateful for their time together and “wish each other nothing but continued happiness and success.” She also says she’s taking time for herself and focusing on her projects, and hopes their amicable divorce can inspire others.

As far as the divison of real property from the divorce splitting the property is usually simple in a California divorce.  The fair market value of each property is evaluated and appraised.  The mortgage or loan burden then must be deducted from the appraisal and then the value of the property can be assessed.  There is nothing preventing the parties from giving the other spouse more as far as a settlement but usually property is split down the middle.