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Jesse Williams wife wants sole custody of their children

by | Aug 16, 2017 | Custody & Visitation, Firm News

Jesse William’s wife says he is a reckless parent who has fits of rage and worries he exposes their kids to a “revolving door” of women according to new, explosive divorce docs. Normally child custody determinations are based on the best interest standard of review by the family law Court. There are a number of factors the court must address in order to determine what is the best interest of the children.  The age of the children is a big issue often when determining which parent will and can provide a more stable and more suitable placement for the children. However, Jesse and Aryn have two young children thus the Court will most likely intervene and have to make serious questions about the health safety and welfare of the children.

Girlfriends of an ex spouse are not determinative of bad parenting nor is it to be used against a parent who is in a relationship.  Courts normally will however look more critical to a parent who is not in a stable relationship and has several different relationships as a home life.  Once a an ex spouse settles down and marries then the Court will look more affirmatively about the stability that spouse can provide the children.

Aryn Drake-Lee has unloaded on the “Grey’s Anatomy” star, demanding sole custody for a variety of reasons. She says the children are being emotionally compromised because Jesse has exposed them to at least one intimate partner and possibly more. She wants the judge to order him to keep girlfriends away from the kids until he dates them for 6 months.  This arbitrary number Aryn Drake has requested in her moving papers to the Court is possibly reasonable depending on the situation and the amount of women Jesse is taking home.  Stability is the utmost importance to the children who are the product of a divorce.  And if they are young it is more important that they spend quality time with their father rather than different girlfriends every week.

Aryn goes on, claiming Jesse has a violent temper and cites a road rage incident last month with his next-door neighbor. She says after an argument the neighbor flipped off Jesse, and he then “aggressively pursued him in his car” with their 2 kids inside. She says Jesse threatened to kill him. If these accusations are true Jesse will have to watch himself around the children. Parenting classes are not out of the question if it is true about Jesse’s behavior.

She’s also pissed off that Jesse posts pics of their kids on social media and says he’s doing it as a “buffer for the negative talk about him in the media.” This assertion seems rather weak and unless the pictures are placing the children in harms way a simple post to social media is not bad.

As we reported, it appears Jesse is dating Minka Kelly and that might be behind some of her fury. Jesse has insisted his 13-year relationship and 5-year marriage didn’t end because of a “cute girl.”

She says the kids are showing psychological signs of damage and wants the judge to correct things, stat.