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Crowdfunding your honeymoon?

by | Aug 15, 2017 | Divorce, Firm News

Honeyfund: Crowdfunding for newlyweds.  If you cannot afford to pay for your marriage ceremony and or celebration its probably not a good idea to crowdfund for it.  It just seems like a complete wasted of money and will lead you to a quick divorce when you cannot pay your bills. Nothing seems like a waste of money than asking for donations to spend it on a one time party.  Not to sound cynical but why wasted money on a party when you will need to save your money for children or other married couple needs. Crowdfunding should be used for more practical marriage needs such as household goods or the baby registry not the honeymoon.

You can crowdfund you honeymoon, and if your marriage doesn’t last, you can crowdfund your divorce — all on the same website,

The site, which bills itself as “free online crowdfunding for the people we love,” has more than 15 categories to create a registry for your life-cycle needs, from baby to funeral. Now this part of the of the crowdfunding is more practical.

One of them is Honeyfund, which Plumfund CEO and founder Sara Margulis said now channels about $115 million to newlyweds a year.

 Based on the idea of millennials valuing experiences over material items, Honeyfund was created to provide couples an opportunity to raise money to fund honeymoon expenses instead of the retail registries for appliances and home decor.

“The honeymoon gift list is much like a traditional wedding registry, but you’re valuing experiences instead of things, and millennial wedding couples are valuing experiences over things much more than previous generations,” Margulis told CNBC’s “Squawk Box” on Monday. Again this is unfortunate because some experiences such as a party is a one and done proposal that will not provide any long term benefit to the marriage.

Margulis said about 90 percent of the money raised can go toward honeymoon costs. What do you get out of a honeymoon?  a week vacation that will cost you thousands of dollars for a one week excursion that you will have nothing but photos.

“The way our site works, the couple really ends up with the cash,” Margulis said. “What they’re doing is buying experiences that will last a lifetime.”

The site, which has no platform fees to users, has created revenue streams via partnerships with travel companies.

“The honeymoon industry is a $12 billion a year industry, and a lot of the couples who sign up for Honeyfund come to us looking for travel advice,” Margulis said.

“We’ve been able to partner with a lot of the nation’s top travel providers like Delta Air Lines, Princess Cruises,, and to bring the best deals we can, and we’re doing exclusive deals as well.”

For those seeking divorce, Plumfund offers a site to handle expenses, not only to help cover the legal bills, but also to buy furniture, because one household is being split into two.

Margulis said she doesn’t know of anyone who crowdfunded their honeymoon and divorce on the site. “It could happen,” she said.