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Joanna Krupa has filed for divorce from husband Romain Zago is an American businessman and nightclub owner. Romain Zago owns the Mynt Lounge club in Miami Florida. There four year marriage was on the rocks. They filed in Los Angeles county after the marriage broke down.

Joanna filed legal docs claiming the marriage is “irretrievably broken.”  All marriages in California usually state that their marriage is irretrievably broken.  It must be stated in the petition in order to actually get a divorce. It’s clearly not going to be contentious … according to court records, the couple hashed out who gets what in a Marital Settlement Agreement dated today, July 10, 2017. In a marital settlement agreement all he issues of the divorce will be put into an agreement that then will be filed with the court.  The agreement will fully encompass every issue of the divorce proceeding.

Both Joanna and Romain have agreed not to seek spousal support against the other. Since it is a short term marriage spousal support will not be a big issue.  Usually anyone who might pay will pay one half of the length of marriage. Its unclear who is the spouse who earns more money. Krupa is worth 8 million dollars. And Zago has a net worth of 16 million dollars.  Therefore, zago might be on the hook to pay support for 2 years.  Since Krupa is a working model she probably doesnt need the money however, that is not the criteria for determining spousal support.

Based on the docs, even though Joanna is the petitioner, it looks like she and Romain jointly filed for divorce. A joint petition for divorce is often a quicker version of a non joint divorce petition.  With a joint petition both parties can sign onto the divorce without having to go through all the necessary documents that you would normally do.  If there are no children and the assets to be divided are under a certain amount then a divorce filed jointly can be done.  Also the divorce will be finished much sooner than if they did not file jointly.

The couple married in 2013 and have no kids. The fact there were no kids probably was the reason the divorce went so smoothly.  Also that is the reason they were able to file a joint petition for divorce.

We’re told it was “extremely amicable” and they remain friend

A source close to Krupa confirms that the former Real Housewives of Miami star and Zago have separated. According to the source, Krupa is not dating and the break up was amicable. She is also embroiled in a

Not long before reports began to surface that Krupa and Zago were splitting, the former RHOM alum issued an encouraging note to her followers on social media to “never be afraid of failure.”

Krupa was born in Poland on 23 April 1979. She has a younger sister, Marta, who is also a model. Krupa moved to Illinois with her family at the age of five.[3][4] In Chicago, she attended Mary Lyon Public School, followed by Steinmetz High School.