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Ezekiel Elliott and the validity of the Domestic Violence accusations against him

by | Jul 24, 2017 | Domestic Partners, Firm News

I guess if Jerry Jones says the domestic violence accusations against their star running back are unfounded then we have to take him for his word that they are frivolous and without merit.  Well these are very strong words from the Dallas Cowboys owner.  The reports are from the girlfriend of Ezekiel that she was battered by him in a parked car and had some red mark on her body.  These marks could lead to a valid claim of  domestic violence by the girlfriend.  All of this took place in Columbus Ohio Ezekiel’s home town.  The police had investigated the incidents and did not file any criminal charges against Ezekiel.  We dont know why they declined to press charges at this time.  The police were said to have investigated and  interviewed numerous witnesses who might have knowledge of these incidents.  So possibly the credibility of the victim or girlfriend became a real issue with the police. The witnesses who were interviewed saw nothing go on.  In addition the red marks seem less than credible by the police.  To press criminal charges the police would need some credible evidence and possibly victim to be more credible.  Sometimes marks on the body dont necessarily alone equate with domestic  violence.  There might be a question as how  they got their.  In addition, we dont know the motivation of the victim when they made these claims against their boyfriend.

The NFL has to become involved as well which will pose a much more stringent approach to the domestic violence accusations.  The NFL  does its own investigation and come up with its own findings.  This is a separate matter than that of the criminal investigation by the Columbus police department. Jerry Jones The Dallas Cowboys owner has been very vehement about the false accusations against his star running back.  He says he reviewed the police report and could not find anything wrong with what Ezekiel did.

The NFL is still investigating the domestic violence case.  If Ezekiel is found to have committed domestic violence the league despite the Columbus’s City Attorney’s office rejection of filing a criminal case can suspend Ezekiel.  This is why Jerry Jones is so adamant that Ezekiel is innocent and all  evidence against  is really weak. Ezekiel if found to have violated NFL domestic violence  policy can be suspended 6 games.  That is the standard suspension for cases such as  Ezekiel. Obviously if that  is the case Ezekiel could potentially be suspended half of  the football season.  And that  means the Dallas Cowboys could be in real grave danger without their star running back  playing.  Last year is was the close to the best running back in the league and was a pivotal player in Dallas great year to reach the playoffs.

Since this league policy of the 6 game suspension has been in place it has been utilized only twice in NFL history.  The two prior players where Jermaine Cunningham and Rodney Austin.  Both after their suspensions did not play in the NFL again. However, they were never of the caliber of Ezekiel Elliott.