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by | Jul 27, 2017 | Criminal Law, Domestic Violence, Firm News

One less problem for the Dallas Cowboys or so does Jerry Jones and The Dallas Cowboys think.  It seems there is a conveyor belt of domestic violence incidents that keep rolling our the Dallas Cowboys facility.  And why? Well certainly the drafted individuals by the Dallas Cowboys may be the reason.  Someone and maybe its Jerry Jones is choosing players who may or may not have had past behaviors that may or may not have been clues into the character of these individuals.  Ezekiel Elliot seems to stand out.

Rookie cornerback Jourdan Lewis was just found not guilty of attacking his then-girlfriend after a 2-day domestic violence trial.

The 3rd round draft pick had been charged with domestic violence after allegedly roughing up his then-girlfriend at their apartment in Ann Arbor on March 15.

Lewis’ girlfriend told cops that the U of M cornerback threw pillows at her during a fight about the electricity bill and then locked himself in a closet for a while. Domestic violence can show its ugly had through ways most people would find odd. And throwing pillows seems to be a common occurrence in domstic violence case.

She said he then dragged her across the living room floor and grabbed her by the throat. Again, grabbing by the throat is another common trait to the action of domestic violence.

Lewis told cops she had been hitting him in the face, so he picked her up by the shoulders to try to get out of the room. Again , Lewis’s defense was that I was defending myself from an angry lady hitting me and hurting me.  He had to defend himself against the aggressor and had to resort to some sort of physical force to protect himself. Now whether his hands got wrapped around her neck is a question for the jury.  If their were not marks around her neck then it might not have happened.  Its hard to tell without forensic evidence to support her case that he did strangle her.

In a Jury trial it can be rather nerve racking because noone knows what a juror is thinking while the trial is going on.  Often they are stone faced and show no expression.  So for the defendant it can be a painfully long and excruciatingly anxious situation.

The case went to trial and a jury found him not guilty. After court, Lewis told the media, “I’m elated.”

Lewis’ attorney John Shea says, “It’s always gratifying to represent someone that you believe in and have the jury tell me I’m right.”

“We’re just happy it came out the way it did. He’s letting it sink in. He’s been under this cloud for awhile and he’ll need some time to put it behind him but this is a good first start.”

“He’s a got a job and he’s anxious to get back to doing it. I’m sure the team is anxious to get him back on the field.”

Its amazing that the Dallas Cowboy organization can repeatedly go through these domestic violence actions and still maintain a positive persona for their ball club.