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Christina El Moussa divorce on hold

by | Jul 22, 2017 | Division of Assets, Divorce, Domestic Violence, Firm News

Tarek El Moussa and Christina El Moussa won’t be divorced anytime soon if swift action isn’t taken immediately.

It was reported on July 21 that the “Flip of Flop” duo’s divorce is on the verge of being thrown out because it’s not moving forward — Christina has reportedly not responded and Tarek hasn’t filed documents in months.  Usually California Law is very clear that a divorce petitions once filed and served needs to have a response done within 30 days after it is served on the other party.  It is unclear if a response has been filed but I assume that one has been done.  There might have been a hearing set to discuss certain divorce issues such as support and custody however, it looks like the couple has  dealt with those issues and they might be behind them.  Therefore anything the Court is looking at might be to take a hearing off calendar since the parties are cooperating with one  another.

Another issue involving divorce deadlines is the movement of the  case through the court system.  A stagnated case will be dismissed usually within five years.  However, the El Moussa’s case is relatively new so that probably is not the issue. There are certain requirements once the divorce is started that each party must abide by.  These would be the declarations of disclosure of  assets and liabilities.

In January, Tarek filed for divorce from Christina, his wife of seven years. In his filing, he also requested spousal support from Christina.

The filing came less than a year after a bizarre incident that involved police.

In May 2016, Tarek and Christina reportedly had a blowout fight wherein she feared he was going to kill himself. At the time, 11 police officers and a helicopter went after Tarek.

Within minutes, a helicopter spotted the reality TV star on a hiking trail and he was told him to drop his weapon. Tarek claimed he had no intention of hurting himself and he wanted to “blow off some steam.” The weapon, he claimed, was brought in case he encountered mountain lions and rattlesnakes.  Domestic Violence can occur in the slightest of altercations between spouses as any time there is a gun the judicial system is extra precautious about granting restraining orders to protect all parties involved.  The court uses a preponderance of the evidence standard as its burden of proof to grant or deny ex parte domestic violence requests.

In December 2016, Tarek and Christina acknowledged that they split after an “unfortunate misunderstanding” in which “the police were called to our house in an abundance of caution.”

The parents to Taylor and Brayden said in a statement, “We decided to separate while we reevaluated the next steps in our married life. We believed this was in the best interests of the children and the best way to determine a path forward.”

Christina has reportedly moved on with Orange County businessman named Doug Spedding.

Asked by Entertainment Tonight how he feels about his ex’s new romance, Tarek said, “I do not want Christina back nor am I jealous.”