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Ben Stiller and his wife Christine Taylor shocked fans  when they made the announcement that they were calling it quits on their marriage after a whopping 17 years together! Despite having seemed like the most perfect Hollywood couple with their two children, the duo still failed to hold their matrimony together. But why did the famous couple decide to go their separate ways? This is long marriage according to Hollywood standards.  17 years is a lifetime and in Hollywood it is more than a lifetime.  Possibly the length of marriage has to do with Ben Stiller and his parents who had a lengthy marriage and maybe he was influenced by their morally strong approach to marriage. 

The couple also had been in many movies together so it is possible they just had been tide together for too long and after nearly two decades it was time to go their separate ways.

The two children of Ben Stiller and Christine Taylors’ marriage are 11 year old Quinlan and 15 year old Ella.  Apparently they have been very cooperative with the details of the divorce so the time share arrangement does not seem to be a problem and child custody litigation might not be on the horizon which is a blessing for the young children.

It is still unclear how the financial issues will be divided amongst Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor. I would assume that Ben Stiller has significantly earned more income than Christine since he has been at it longer and been in more movies than she. In addition, it is not known if there was a prenuptial agreement in place. He is estimated to be worth $200 million dollars.

Stiller fell victim of quite a bit of bad press throughout the couple’s marriage.  During his Zoolander days, which Taylor also starred, Tom Rothman, chairman of Sony’s motion picture group was caught calling Stiller a “horrible person” following the company’s.

Reports soon followed that the A-List actor may be funny onscreen but is hard to deal with behind-the-scene. Stiller has made the list as one of Hollywood’s most hated celebrities, according to sources. Could this behavior have trickled into his marriage with Taylor? Obviously he did not have a very good reputation of an actor to work with. Sometimes the stress of a job can trickle over to the relationship which it might have done to Stiller.

On top of that, Stiller’s beloved actress mom Anne Meara died in 2015, which some speculate could have potentially caused stress at home. A parent dying is quite traumatic at any age and may have been the shifting time in Stillers personal life.

 And then there was the actor’s health woes. He was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2014 and had the tumor surgically removed three months later. Although Stiller told Howard Stern  in September 2014 that he has been cancer-free ever since, a health scare like that is known to cause massive amounts of stress, possibly resulting in a troubled marriage.

The couple’s conflicting priorities also gave rise to their failed matrimony. One of Stiller’s main focuses is his acting career, and his hectic work schedule put a strain on the relationship he told media sources.