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Mel B “Scary Spice” of the Spice Girls is getting a divorce.  She and her husband Stephen Belafonte separated last year in 2016.  Apparently she alleged that the marriage was toxic.  And from the tabloid coverage of the divorce proceedings it seems that they did have a quite volatile relationship.  Her musical career had a lot of great music and was quite harmonious, however, her personal life with Belafonte was full of dangerous issues that were anything like her music. Her bandmates had heard from her behind the scenes and told her she must free herself from the abuse she alleged to have undergone from Belafonte. Scary Spice recently suffered from the death of her father.  After his death she became introspective about her life.  Mel B apparently suffered from years of abuse.  Belafonte was allegedly abusive and controlling.  Police were called to her house on allegations of false imprisonment. meaning she was not free to leave her house in fear of violence or injury.

Mel B had previously been involved in bisexual relationships and had been planning the divorce for two years. She had attempted to split from Belafonte several times.  She would succeed in breaking up temporarily and then would somehow feel lured back into the relationship.  However, finally she decided to file for divorce in Los Angeles citing irreconcilable differences.  She shares a child with Belafonte named Madison Brown Belafonte.

Belafonte had admitted to battering his prior girlfriend Nicole Contreras. Mel B continued to make positive statements about Belafonte while she was filing for divorce which created confusion about her true intentions. In addition, she had a interesting past because had a fling with Eddie Murphy which produced her first child.

Mel B should have seen the writing on the wall about Stephen Belafonte who has quite the criminal history.

Recently Mel B. got a restraining order against her Belafonte claiming he beat and sexually exploited her. The order prevents Belafonte from getting close to Mel B. or her three daughters. Under the terms of the restraining order Belafonte was not supposed to own a handgun.  He had a prior domestic violence conviction with another woman and was already ordered to not have a gun in his possession.

The allegations that the couple had sex with multiple people really do not have much bearing on the divorce proceedings.  If both Mel Be and Belafonte consented to this behavior then it is mere entertainment value.

Belafonte is requesting in spousal support $2,000 per month for clothing and $11,000 a month for housing.  Mel B has stated that Belafonte should get a job if he has no money.  They both co-own a restaurant called Serafina.  Interestingly, Mel B also filed a restraining order against alleged nanny, Lorraine Gilles,  for getting pregnant with Belafonte’s baby and then extorting Mel B. for money.  The Court however, did not see the validity of the restraining order request and dismissed it.

The judge in her family law case also prohibited Belafonte from disseminating any photos of Mel B. that were sexual in nature.  Belafonte also claims he lost work as a result of the Divorce and would like Mel B to pay for his attorney fees.