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Kevin Dillon Divorce settled

by | Jun 13, 2017 | Custody & Visitation, Division of Assets, Divorce, Firm News

Actor Kevin Dillon of the famed series entourage has settled his divorce finally.  The funny think is that noon new he was getting divorced, that is how under the radar his divorce was. His now ex wife was Jane stuart who filed for divorce last July.  The couple was married for over 10 years.  The key battle that the couple had was over the date of separation of the divorce.  This can be a very hot item issue of a divorce as it nears the 10 year number of the length of the marriage.  The key benefit of the 10 year time rule is that the other party after 10 years can get lifetime spousal support from the other party. Jan stuart claimed that the couple separated May 29, 2016 which would have made the marriage ten years.  Kevin Dillon claimed the couple had separated in October of 2008.  Apparently the major squabble of the couple was over the residual payments the actor was to receive from his entourage show.

As with most of these cases … it settled before going to trial. Last month Kevin agreed to pay Jane $3,174 a month in child support for their 11-year-old daughter, and she gets $7,214 in monthly spousal support. Dillon is best known for playing a character on Entourage called Johnny Drama.

Kevin Dillon’s net worth is approximated to be $10 million dollars.  He earned most of his money from his role on entourage where he earned $16 million dollars.  That is why the date of separation was so important since they married in 2004 she would get a portion of his royalties from his show.  He was seen getting cozy with a blond lady last may which would imply that his wife might be correct in her assertion of the date of separation to be in May of last year.  Stuart claimed that Kevin Dillon under reported his income.  Therefore, this issue probably undermined the divorce process and she and her attorneys needed to do further discovery on Dillon to get an accurate assessment of his true income.

Obviously, Dillon’s lawyers advised him to not disclose income that was not part of community property.  However, California has full disclosure laws and it would be a violation of the Divorce laws if Dillon did not disclose his true income. The Judge could have the option to order penalties on Dillon if he failed to disclose his assets and income from Entourage.  The case was set for a trial and before the trial occurred the couple came up with a settlement. This occurs often in Divorce proceedings. Often attorneys can work out details in the case without having to present evidence to the Judge.

Although no formal announcement was made regarding their separation, Jane was thought to have filed for divorce the following month.

The actor, who is younger brother to Matt Dillon, also has daughter Amy from a previous relationship. That would lead fairly complicated custody arrangement if that every became an issue between he and Jane because normally children are meant to be kept together when the visits occur.