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Janet Jackson is going through a child custody battle and a divorce battle with Wissam Al Mana who is from Qatar and is a Billionaire who invests internationally in all sorts of things.  Recently they were seen in the Royal Courts in London after a court hearing on Custody.  It would seem she is involved in a hotly contested international child custody dispute. The couple had split in April after Janet had given birth to their daughter in January, Elissa.

In the Divorce proceedings word has gotten out that Janet will receive a sizable settlement payment from Al Mana around $200,000.  And she will remain in London to raise the child.  Janet is worth $150,000 so already has a lot of money and now will seek to increase her already wealthy amount of money.  This turn out to be an interstate child custody dispute and also an international divorce.  However, it appears the couple have settled on the London Courts to serve as the jurisdiction to hear the Divorce and custody matters.  The child Elissa was born in London so England would be her home country.  However, since Janet is also a US citizen she could also one day decide to head back to the US to live.  Likewise Al Mana is from Qatar and could also want at some time to take his child to visit or live in Qatar.  But for right now it seems that the parents have somewhat resided to the fact that London will be Elissa’s home.

Janet is talks to be part of a netflix 10 part documentaries about her life after her divorce from Al Mana.  This could net her a significant some of money which might effect the settlement of the divorce.  In California the courts look to the standard of living for the spouses post separation.  So the London Courts will probably do the same.

As far as spousal support goes Janet Jackson also postpone a tour because she was pregnant and since the time of the birth of her daughter has still not gone on tour.  Probably because she is now a full time mom.  However, this will definitely help her with spousal support since she hasnt worked nor will she work in the near future other than for net flix.

Her and Al Mana were married for 5 years before the split.  This is not a long term marriage based on family law codes however, Janet will still be able to get a significant monetary settlement. Also Janet entered into a prenuptial agreement with Al Mana where she would get more than the $200 million if the couple had a child. The best case scenario for the spouses is to try to mediate through the custody situation and settle the financial issues as quickly as possible.  If this divorce extends itself out for a period of time then the custody and the financial issues will become more stressful and more expensive.  However, it does appear that the couple is attempting to resolve all issues amicably as they should.