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Huma Abedin the long time adviser/confident of Hillary Rodham Clinton the ex presidential candidate, ex secretary of state, ex senator and ex first lady.  And now Huma has finally cut the cord to her long time husband the ex United State House representative, and filed for Divorce.  Mr. Weiner plead guitly to texting obscene pictures to a minor.  This of course was not his first run in with exposing his self to others via text.  Huma gave Mr. Weiner a second chance after his prior criminal activity of exposure via text.  However, finally she decided enough was enough and a divorce was the only solution after his second exposure incident with minor children.

As stated on Cnn “”Weiner accepted responsibility for his conduct. “I have a sickness, but I do not have an excuse,” he said through pauses and bouts of tears in an emotional statement. “I entered intensive treatment, found the courage to take a moral inventory of my defects, and began a program of recovery and mental health treatment that I continue to follow every day.’”

Obviously this person has a sickness and a Divorce had to be on the horizon after his first bout of exposure to others. Mr. Weiner accepted a plea deal with the federal prosecutor where he could face 21 to 27 months in federal prison.

Huma and Mr. Weiner have a son together.  Obviously a child custody arrangement will need to be drafted according to the issues facing Mr. Weiner.  Huma probably would have not problem getting court order that supervises Mr. Weiner’s visits with his son initially until he can show he has changed his behavior.  However, he will have to register as a sex offender and the will put a damper on his future about where he lives and how he can interact with children.

Initially Mr. Weiner was caught sexting with a 22 year old Heath Leathers and did not face the serious consequences he faces now with the 15 year old girl.

As far as spousal support goes Mr. Weiner was a six term congressman from new York. Huma was Mrs. Clinton’s campaign manager confident.  So I assume both had very good incomes and potentially good retirement accounts.  In cases such as Weiner and Huma there might be a waiver of spousal support.  Often in cases where domestic violence occurred one party can gain the advantage according to California Spousal support statutes and be awarded spousal support as a result.

As far as further assets the couple might have accumulated over the course of their marriage it is unknown if there will be a dispute as to the division of such assets.

In California law there has to be irreconcilable differences in order to get a divorce.  At one time Huma was deliberating a reconciliation but after finding out he was going to do prison time she continued with her divorce.  The Court will often ask the parties when they are getting divorced if their is any form of mediation or intervention that can help the parties get back together.  If there is none then the parties can get divorced.