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Social Media and the negative impact on Divorce

by | Apr 3, 2017 | Divorce, Family Law, Firm News, Spousal Support

In the modern day and age of the internet and facebook, instagram, twitter and all other sorts of social media outlets people have fallen into the trap of airing their dirty laundry during their divorce to the public to view and offer ill fated advice.  Do not trust the 3rd party input from social media.  Do not rely on a layman opinion regarding your divorce or family law matter that may negatively impact you during the divorce proceedings.  If you have spent the time and resources to hire a family law attorney and then head to facebook or other social media to share your intimate experiences about your divorce or all other issues regarding your dissolution of marriage then you are asking for a lot of trouble.

Studies have shown that leaking personal information to the public seeking affirmation of your personal business during a divorce can lead you down a very troubling and damaging road that cannot be undone.  Airing dirty laundry should be done to a friend on the phone but not to the public where the divorcing parties have access to your personal business that might not be so flattering to you during the divorce proceedings.  Do not undermine your lawyers efforts to effectively fight for your rights to spousal support, child support, child custody and property division as well as any custody issues you are vigorously fighting for by posting pictures of you out partying or drinking alcohol.  And do not post provoking pictures of your new boyfriend or girlfriend when you are trying to fight for your credibility in Family Law Court.

Julia Rodgers, founder of Holistic Divorce,  states “Couples should keep divorce-related issues away from the public. Doing this gives them the power to control the narrative and solidifies their case. In this age where comparison and blame-shifting is rife, couples are tempted to tell the world who’s at fault. However, doing this helps nobody.” This statement is very true.  Using social media to play the blame game and cast blame at the other spouse during the divorce only will in the end hurt you from achieving what you want to succeed from doing. That is to walk away from the divorce without losing all your assets and keep your personal life in tact.

The converse holds true as well.  If you have posted incriminating pictures of you and your partying antics prior to the divorce take them off social media immediately. Also if you have questions about what is a questionable picture ask a family law attorney to assist you in determining what is a risky picture.

In addition, often spouses will run to social media an try to show that the other spouse is the one who caused all the family problems and they are to blame for all the problems related to the divorce.  This behavior too, is not good and not recommended by professionals as helping your cause in a divorce proceeding.  Often as well prior to any divorce action posting on social media can cause the breakdown of the marriage if you spend to much time on social media rather than focusing on your marriage.  Be careful, cautious and smart about your future and your interaction with social media or you too can become a victim of too much public involvement in your personal life.