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Jesse Jackson Jr. Divorce takes a new turn

by | Apr 27, 2017 | Community Property Asset, Custody & Visitation, Division of Assets, Divorce, Firm News

Jesse Jackson Jr.  has been going through a bitter divorce with his ex wife, Ald Sandi Jackson. They were married for 25 years and continue their courtroom drama.  He was a former U.S. House of Represenative.  His ex is trying through legal means and her lawyer to find out very personal information from Jesse Jackson, Jr. such as all his girlfriends he had during their 25 year marriage.  The lawyer is using the process of Discovery to further investigate these lurid details.  The divorce proceedings are currently being heard in Washington D.C. Jesse Jackson, Jr. through his lawyers has objected to the questions stating that they are irrelevant.  Sandi Jackson is tyring to get spousal support and attorney fees.

The change of Venue has been a hotly contested issue of the Divorce proceedings.  Jesse Jackson Jr. filed for Divorce initially in Cook County Illinois first.  Later Sandi Jackson filed for divorce in Washington D.C. where she lives.  There usually is a first in time rule dealing with which state or county will hear the divorce proceedings.  However, often the Judges of each Court will contact each other and decide based on all the evidence, witnesses and other issues which jurisdiction is better suited to maintain jurisdiction of the Divorce case.  Apparently, the issue of venue was a big problem for Jesse Jacksion Jr. as his children who are 13 and 17 were he alleged being harmed unnecessarily by his Sandi Jackson’s harmful public comments.  Rather than fight the venue of the case he conceded that Washinton D.C. would be the appropriate forum to litigate their divorce.

Jesse Jackson Jr. had to resign from the U.S. House of Representatives because he had missappropriated $750,000 from his campaign treasury.  He ended up going to prison for this crime.  In addition, Sandi Jackson as well went to prison for her involvement in the crime.  Interestingly, both parents had to do their prison time separately and at different times because they needed to take care of their minor children.

As a result of their Divorce proceedings Jesse Jackson Jr. and Sandi Jacksion are in debt in the amount of $1.8 million dollars.  Since assets and debts need to be divided equally amongst the parties to a Divorce proceeding it will be interesting to see how the debt is divided among the parties.  Community property laws in California might make the other spouse responsible depending how the debt evolved.

Jesse Jackson Jr. and his children live in Chicago and he lives on a disability check.  Because the amount of debt is so high the family residence in Washington which is their greatest asset will probably be sold he stated to the press. This is necessary immediately to pay for their attorney fees which are mounting due to the enormous litigation that has ensued from their divorce.

In addition, one of his daughters is 17 and will be entering college and he has been committed to get her through college and pay for the college himself.  However, due to his limited income he will have to take second job to assist her.