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Alex Jones Right Wing talk show host Child Custody Battle

by | Apr 21, 2017 | Custody & Visitation, Custody Evaluation, Firm News

Alex Jones a right wing talk show host in Austin Texas is currently embroiled in a child custody battle.  Apparently he is quite outspoken and his on show persona is now in question.  The child custody battle with his wife Kelly Jones is using his outlandish character on air he demonstrates and bringing it to Court.   She is using his work persona and claiming that it reflects his parenting skills.  This accusation is quite effective in modern Child Custody battles where public figures or public comments or social media statements are used against a parent in a Child Custody battle.

Interestingly Kelly Jones the mother is not the primary custodian of the her three children. Alex Jones has been the primary custodian of the three minor children.  Recently the mother Kelly Jones has launched a change in custody bid against Alex Jones the sensational talk show host.  The Rollingstone Magazine has labeled him “the most paranoid man in America.”  In addition, he has questioned the landing on the Moon.   He has falsely accused high ranking members of the Democratic party of being involved in a Satanic Child Porn ring.  He did later apologize for the false accusations.  His outlandish behavior will and should be brought to the attention of the Child custody Judge.

Apparently the Judge has taken notice of his erratic and absurd behavior and has let Kelly Jones offer and bring evidence of Alex Jones use of marijuana with Joe Rogan on a podcast. Often Child Custody judges will defer to the children and have a child custody investigation begun to further investigate if the behavior of Alex Jones has influenced his parenting skills.

The crazy persona of Alex Jones has shown up in Court as well.  He has claimed that Chili has effected his memory about details of his children’s lives.  This occurred during a deposition regarding his children’s daily lives.  Mr Jones could not remember activity his children did so he blamed it on a bowl of chili he ate earlier in the day.

In addition, he he stated he smokes marijuana to test its strength.  He claimed that George Soros made marijuana stronger.  Therefore he needed to test its strength.  These type of statements clearly question the mental stability and ability of Mr. Jones ability to parent if he takes marijuana regularly.

Kelly Jones has further alleged that Mr. Jones was found drunk and disrobing after therapy sessions.  Again this behavior definitely puts into question Alex Jones stability. He had also claimed he could drink a “Jug” of Jack Daniels and not be impaired. Obviously these outlandish statements made by Mr. Jones have to be taken seriously by the Court.

When facing a high conflict divorce the Court must assess the “best interst” of the children.  If they are old enough the Court can even talk to them and see if they want to live with one parent over the other.  However, in the case of Alex Jones the Health, Safety, and Welfare of the Children are at stake and the Court will decide the fate irregardless of the Children’s choice of who they want to live with.