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M.I.A. and Benjamen Bronfman international child custody battle

by | Mar 16, 2017 | Custody & Visitation, Firm News, International Custody Issues

MIA the rapper from London, England is involved in an international child custody battler with billionaire Benjamin Bronfman. Their child is 4 years old and named ikhyd.  M.I.A threatened to take the child out of Brooklyn and head to Brooklyn.  The Couple was not married therefore there is no pending divorce in court.

Bronfman in turn had to file Paternity action in New York to restrain M.I.A from taking the child out of the State of New York. After she received a restraining order from the New York family court she immediately expressed her feelings on twitter.  “BEN you cant take my son away from me ‘The mother.”  Just because you have money doesn’t mean you have the[sic] right.”  This explosive tweet was later taken off her twitter accounty.  However, these type of comments on social media can only hurt her case for custody of her four year old child, Ikhyd Edgar Arular Bronfman.  Social media can be a very serious problem for people to use during a custody battle.  It can be seen as an immediate insight into the volatility of one parent and their overreaction to a Court Order and once the Judge gets hold of the public comment it often can be used against that parent.  M.I.A further went on to say on twitter  “WOW. THE BRONFMANS WANT TO TAKE MY CHILD AWAY FROM ME . WHAT KIND OF S**T IS THAT ? THEY NEVER SEE HIM.”

Obviously M.I.A is upset and feels a bit helpless about the court system working against her.  She probably thinks that she is the mother and therefore can dictate where child can live. He twitter has kept tweets up that state ““The mother is way more important for a child than the father imo. He should think about that. I wish u the best. x” said one supporter, “NO MOTHER SHOULD HAVE TO FACE THIS. A CHILD MUST NEVER BE SEPARATED FROM THE MOTHER,” says another.

This type of thought process although it may be true on some occasions is often seen as archaic and outdated in modern family courts.  The family law codes are clearly geared to a gender neutral result when it comes to deciding custody situations. Ironically, it is M.I.A who has been the abscent parent to Ikhyd.  Spinner magazine reported that Sherry Bronfman has been raising the child and she stated that M.I.A would not see her child for 6 weeks at a time.

As with celebrity divorces and custody battles that ensue the schedule of the celebrity often hinders how and when they will see their child.  Therefore, it probably is in the best interest of M.I.A that she negotiate a schedule with the father Benjamin rather than engage him in a child custody battle in Court.  The New York court will probably retain Home state Jurisdiction on the child custody issue.  Therefore, the chance that M.I.A will get to take the child to London to live is probably not going to happen unless the father agrees.  The best interest of the child are to be determined still and maybe once everyone comes to their senses both parents can co-parent the child harmoniously.