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Alternative sentencing: private jail v. public incarceration

by | Mar 3, 2017 | Court System, Criminal Law, Firm News

Most people who hire criminal defense attorneys are facing jail or some serious caltrans or some penalty that is very egregious that they seek an attorney to get out of the predicament they find themselves.  There are many types of alternative sentencing in criminal courts that offer a somewhat better deal and sentence that going to public jail.  Recently it has become an issue in politics whereby private prison had been being phased out of our communities.  However, now with the new president he wants to privatize prisons and keep them working and functioning in our  society.

private jails in local cities is a great alternative if you have the money to pay for a private jail.  You get your own cell and own clothes and can use the phone.  It provides a safer and more livable environment for those seeking a more appropriate environment for those seeking a safer place to do time.

the other private jails are the ones that get the overflow from prisons who are suffering an overpopulation problem.  Governments have not been able to resolve the issue in house and sought private investors to run the prisons.  These type of private prisons are a profit making machine whereby the owners are making alot of money with little concerns for the safety of the inmates.  This type of private jail is not recommended for the “club fed” type seeking comforts of local pay for stay local jails.

In fact pretty bad stories are coming out of the privately run prisons.  There are stories of prisons that are private being run by private companies will primarily be built for immigrants rather than the public goverment.

private prisons are created because there is a need for the overflow of immigrants and offenses such as drug offense that are not high risk for violence offenders. But on the bigger picture private prisons can be used for more sinister and problematic establishments.  A recent article in a magazine outlined the problems with private prisons.  They were often a chaotic environment where the prisoners ran the prison rather than the guards and had little supervision unlike public facilities.

However, alternative sentences that are run through the public government and local counties alternative sentencing offer defendants to attend drug court or certain treatment programs which have been a great resource for low level offenders who have not committed serious crimes.

In addition, there are additional drug programs called deferred entry of judgment programs for drug offenders who are offered educational programs teaching them coping mechanisms for their addictions.  Once they complete there classes which can be quite intense the criminal charges against them can be dismissed off their record.  This is often called Drug Diversion program.  The Los Angeles County District attorney office found through its research that 70% of offenders that completed their court ordered treatment programs did not commit the same crime again.  Therefore, the public alternative sentencing programs prove more effective than private jails.  Thus the debate will continue effectively punish and or rehabilitate our defendants.