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Tom Brady and his Son Jack Brady

by | Feb 6, 2017 | Custody & Visitation, Firm News


We all know Tom Brady for his great quarterback abilities and his now 5 superbowls.  But did you know Tom has three children two with his current wife Gisele Bundchen Benjamin and Vivian and has another child Jack who is 9 with Bridget Moynahan. Often it is overlooked the private life of a great athlete and can they effectively parent their children.  Even more so can that parent a child such as Jack who does not live with him.  But it became obvious on the night of the superbowl his three children cam along side him to share in his superbowl victory.   Evidently his relationship with his ex Bridget Moynahan was solid enough that his son Jack came along to Houston to watch his dad do super amazing football fetes.

Interestingly Bridgette Moynahan was three months pregnant after she and tom brady split up.  She expressed in interviews she was very upset at the breakup being pregnant and all.  She had to go through the pregnancy without Tom by her side.  It would seem under these circumstances a woman would be very angry and resentful of her ex for leaving her at a time of great need during the nascent stages of her pregnancy to Jack Brady.  To top off this dilemma Moynahan found herself in.  Gisele seemed to also side with Bridget situation.  She thought twice about being with Brady after she found out Bridgette was pregnant at the time of their breakup.

It seems that Gisele embrace of Jack Brady the child of Bridgette Moynahan assisted Tom in cementing his bond to his first child and oldest son.  Often a new wife can be resentful or cause difficulty in the relationship with a preexisting child such as Jack Brady.  But Gisele took a very solid and loving approach to Jack and decided to love him as her own child.  She called it a “bonus child.” Her love of Jack was very strong and she even espoused that he was her own child.  Of course this cause tensions with his Mom but eventually everything evened out and Moynahan and Gisele became very good co parents to Jack. Ultimately the family’s have come together and both mothers Gisele and Bridgette can parent Jack together as one big family unit.

Interestingly Bridget could have take a negative turn as so many broken up couples do when it comes to sharing custody of their children with one another.  But Bridget has taken a very mature and loving approach to the shared parenting of their son Jack.  At Toms superbowl win over Seattle she tweeted how proud she was of Tom and grateful Jack had a Dad like Tom.  All these praises of course help Jack cope with his parents separation and create a strong emotional link between his parents showing such support of one another.

The ultimate goal in the separation of two parents is to unconditionally support the other parent in their parenting of the child.  To become close friends and confidants of their new spouses is a plus and helps the child grow up with strong emotional inner strength that he might not otherwise had.