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Paternal Grandmother Petitions for Guardianship of Heather Mack’s Child

by | Feb 14, 2017 | Custody & Visitation, Firm News, Guardianship, Guardianships

This case has stirred controversy with custody and guardianship laws across the world as a couple and the parents of a baby child.  Other relatives and friends are seeking the guardianship of the young child of Mack and the father Tommy Schaefer.  A Guardianship may be the only answer to the childs future as Heather Mack the mother and Schaefer will face multiple years in prison for the murder of Sheila von Wiese-Mack.  They allegedly murdered Heather Mack’s mother and stuffed her in a suitcase.  The murder took place in Bali.  It has shocked the world that such a heinous crime was performed by the Daughter upon her own mother.

It seems that the Paternal grandmother is seeking guardianship of the minor child and has filed such papers in the United States. Heather Macks stories regarding the guilt of her Husband Tommy have changed since she previously stated on youtube that Tommy was innocent.  However, a jury in Indonesia found him guilty of Murder regardless of Heathers statements.  The boyfriend Tommy stated that he was using self defense to protect Heather from her mother.  he used a Metal fruit bowl to hit the mother Sheila in the head.

The Bali courts convicted the couple back in 2015 of premeditated murder of Sheila.  Heather got 10 years in prison and her boyfriend Tommy Schaefer got 18 years in prison.  During the trial for Murder Heather had a baby which is at issue of the guardianship in Chicago now. Heather wanted to kill her mother on her own.  Her boyfriend could not find a hit man so that plan failed.  Therefore Heather concocted another plan to kill her mother.  She asserted that her mother killed her father so she wanted revenge.

She planned a trip to Bali with her mother and Tommy Schaefer to do the Murder.  Another person also plead guilty to the Murder of Sheila Mack.  His name was Robert Bibbs who conspired to kill sheila as well. He wanted to get in on the inheritance she had if she in fact was killed by Schaefer.

As of now Heather the mother can keep the child up until she turns 2 years old.  She is living in the prison with her mother.  However, due to the the daughter turning 2 years old very soon another person needs to take over custody of the Heather’s daughter. That is why the paternal grandmother has taken action and sought to file a petition for guardianship in Chicago, Illinois.

It is Heathers desire that a caretaker be appointed as her guardian in Indonesia so that Heather can have regular contact with her daughter.  Ultimately it will come down to the best interest standard of review to determine what is best for Stella under these circumstances. Whether being near her mom and dad in an Indonesian prison or with Paternal grandmother in Chicago.   In addition, International child custody laws will have to be implemented in this case as a result of the child living in Indonesia.