Attorney Fees From A Divorce

Attorney Fees From A Divorce At the conclusion of your divorce procedures, your spouse may ask you to pay the fees for his or her divorce attorney. This is often a substantial amount for a good divorce lawyer. The California Family Code is designed so that one spouse cannot gain an advantage over the other in the divorce process simply because of an income differential. Winning or defending against a request by the other spouse to pay for that spouse’s divorce lawyer requires comprehensive knowledge of legal divorce and divorce rights. Specific documents and particular evidence must be submitted with an attorney fee motion. Experienced Orange County divorce attorney David Schwarz routinely and effectively brings – and defends against – attorney fee motions in Orange County divorce cases.

Experience Counts

Under California Family Code 271, if one spouse in a divorce rejects divorce agreements and thus drives up litigation expenses, that spouse can be ordered by the Court to pay for the other spouse’s family law attorney. And California’s Code of Civil Procedure lets a spouse seek attorney’s fees against the other spouse’s family lawyer when that lawyer files a frivolous motion or other document that is entirely without merit. Experience counts. Experienced Orange County divorce attorney David Schwarz will protect your rights in a contested divorce, and if your spouse should pay the legal fees, family lawyer David Schwarz will fight aggressively on your behalf to achieve that.

Sensitive to Your Concerns

Experienced Orange County divorce attorney David Schwarz often helps clients file or defend against attorney fee motions, and he will not hesitate to use every available legal tool on your behalf. When you seek a divorce lawyer, you must have someone who is sensitive to your concerns – both your emotional and your financial concerns. A good Orange County divorce lawyer understands the effects of divorce and the issues related to divorce. To learn more about how Orange County divorce attorney David Schwarz can help you, complete the contact form on this website or call him promptly at (949) 735-9266 or toll-free (888) 768-6901.

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