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Orange County Divorce Lawyer

s41388cb118514_4_3When you and your family face major changes and transitions, you need a family lawyer with experience and sensitivity – someone who understands your legal concerns and knows how to address them. Orange County divorce lawyer David Schwarz puts his understanding of family law and his years of experience to work for every client he represents. Mr. Schwarz offers the family law advice and skilled legal representation that clients need to move forward positively with their lives. If you need answers to any family law questions – whether those questions involve divorce, custody, support, visitation, pre- or post-nuptial agreements, or any other family legal advice – when you contact Orange County divorce lawyer David Schwarz, you’ll have one of the area’s most experienced family attorneys working on your behalf.

An Attorney You Can Trust

Family law continues to be a rapidly-changing field. While there are a number of family law firms in the Orange County area, David Schwarz works with extra dedication and zeal to stay up-to-date regarding new family laws and family law-related court rulings. His clients receive sound legal advice and dedicated, aggressive representation. Experience in criminal defense as well as family law enables David Schwarz to advocate effectively for his clients, particularly in cases that involve domestic violence or the enforcement of court orders. David Schwarz is the family law attorney that scores of clients in Orange County turn to and trust regarding sensitive and personal family legal issues.

Working For Your Interests

Attorney David Schwarz understands that each family is unique and every situation is different. If you are divorcing, anticipating a divorce, or dealing with any matter of family law, let an experienced Orange County divorce lawyer work on your behalf for the legal agreements and resolutions that are in your family’s best interests. To learn more about how attorney David Schwarz can help you, complete the contact form on this website or call him promptly at (949) 735-9266 or toll-free (888) 768-6901.

Family Law Topics

ffIf you are a parent involved in a child custody dispute, you need help from an experienced family attorney who understands your anxieties and fears. Call experienced Orange County child custody attorney David Schwarz as early as possible when a child custody dispute is imminent. California courts always make a child’s best interests the top priority, and getting custody of your child isn’t always easy in this state. California courts presume that joint custody is best after a divorce, but a judge will not hesitate to grant one parent sole custody if the judge is persuaded that sole custody is best for the child. Orange County family law attorney David Schwarz handles all aspects of child custody disputes including visitation privileges, decision-making rights, modification of custody and visitation orders, and enforcement. If your custody rights are being threatened, promptly call Orange County attorney David Schwarz.

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DivorceDivorce is always difficult and almost always complicated. David Schwarz represents clients in both contested and uncontested divorces and in high net worth divorce cases. He often helps divorcing couples negotiate out-of-court agreements and settlements of divorce-related disputes, but he will not hesitate to go to court on your behalf if that’s what it takes to ensure fair and just treatment. When you retain a divorce attorney, it must be someone who is sensitive to your concerns – someone you can trust. It also must be someone – experienced in the equitable division of property and assets – who can make sure that you get to keep what is rightly yours. When you need a divorce lawyer in southern California, contact experienced divorce attorney David Schwarz immediately.

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hhndIn California, domestic violence is a serious crime, but when it consists mostly of threats and intimidation, domestic abuse can be exceedingly difficult to prove in court. Nevertheless, if you or your children have been threatened with domestic assault or family violence, or if you are already the victim of domestic violence or spousal abuse, the help you need is available. When you contact experienced Orange County domestic violence attorney David Schwarz, he can immediately file a legal request for a restraining order or help you determine what other appropriate legal action to take. If you’re a victim of domestic violence, call today and put experienced Orange County domestic violence attorney David Schwarz to work fighting on behalf of you and your children.

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JuvenileNothing is more important than your children. When you are dealing with the California juvenile court system, a law enforcement agency, or Child Protective Services, you need a trustworthy attorney’s guidance. Choose an Orange County juvenile lawyer who is skilled and experienced with the California juvenile court system. Attorney David Schwarz has extensive experience with juvenile crime cases and family court cases in southern California. If your child has been accused of criminal behavior, or if you are accused of child endangerment and Child Protective Services has become involved, you will need a skilled advocate to fight for your child and your family. Orange County juvenile lawyer David Schwarz has helped scores of families resolve these kinds of troubling legal situations, and he’s ready to help your family deal with any juvenile or family law matter. Don’t hesitate to make the call.

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